World Pride Opening, Toronto – Melissa Rocks!

I attended the opening of World Pride in Toronto on Friday, June 20, 2014. It was an extensive opening, covering the history of the struggles the LGBT community has gone through. It mad me sad to think that homosexuality is punishable by death in some countries. It’s a shame that people are not all treated equally around the world, in spite of their sexual orientation. What topped off the evening in an amazing way, was Melissa Etheridge’s performance. I’m attaching photos for your enjoyment! Happy World Pride everyone, no matter who you are. I am proud to say I am a lesbian.

1 WorldPrideKickOff 2 WorldPrideMelissaGuitars 3 WorldPrideMelissa1 4 WorldPrideMelissa2 5 WorldPrideMelissa3 6 WorldPrideMelissa4 7 WorldPrideMelissa5 8 WorldPrideFireworks


FREE plugin for recording

Eventide is giving away a free recording plugin called UltraChannel, for compression, delay, etc.  It sounds great!  You just need an iLok account, which is also free, then download the license manager…


Improving my sound using Cubase Artist 6

Hey there!  I’m turning into a music nerd myself…discovered a cool plug-in with Cubase Artist called “DaTube.” It adds a warm distortion to my tracks. I’m using it on my song, Cleanse Me, for all tracks…may not need a mic preamp…at least not right away anyway.  Cool stuff! :)