Poem – “Flashes”

Flashes of light

Flashes of insight

fogging up my brain

I’m losing sight

of what’s right

will I ever be the same?

Something has to give

These flashes mark the passage of time

…the rhythm and rhyme

a turning point…

Flashes can give power

Flashes can give strength

to live a dream never realized

in younger days…

Time flies…

This seems to be a repeating theme in my life…do you ever feel that time is just whizzing by, and you haven’t accomplished much? I know now that I am a bit “older,” I am feeling this even more. The time is now to concentrate on what is MOST important to YOU. I need to perform, so I need to just get out and speak to people at places I would feel best performing at…

Poem – A double life…

Take these illusions and twist them into reality…

Cut the cord of comfort and cease the calamity.

For illusions are not real…

They will suck you in…

to the vortex – you will feel

You can never win.

So stop fantasizing and just do it.

Stop analyzing…

It doesn’t hurt to just try it.

Tip on changing Strat strings…

It was pretty exciting getting my Fender American Stratocaster last year, but I found out yesterday that there is a trick to changing the strings.  I realized this as I was tuning…the tremolo bridge rose higher, and the strings kept going out of tune.  Details about this were not outlined in the manual, and the Fender site was a bit unclear.  After some searching online, I found out you have to remove the back plate on the guitar that covers the bridge springs. and balance the tension of the bridge with the string tension.  Here’s a link:  http://www.strat-talk.com/threads/floating-trem-too-high.14728/  Scroll down and look for the answer from “paulg.”  I used a 1/8″ thick section of post-it notes in place of the block of wood. 🙂  Happy stratting!!

cleaning out the garbage (a poem)

Cleaning out the garbage in my life

I’ve had it up to here with pain and strife!

Can’t you see I’m busy?

Why does it always have to be me?

I’m tired of doing things for everyone else.

Why can’t I just do things for myself?

For most of my life, I’ve been trampled on

Used up and tossed around…

It’s time now to turn the tide…

To cast my net open and wide…

To draw in what I had been afraid of,

whilst protected in my cove.

Layers (a poem)

Peeling away the layers of life…

like an onion…

taken so long to reveal

who I am.

I was living a lie,

afraid to shine

for fear of failure

fear of success

fear of being my best

of doing what I was meant to do


Peel away my layers…

you’ll see someone quite different

from the reserved office assistant.

You see, this reticent girl

is ready to burst at the seams

this trapped energy is about to explode

like a cannon filled with gun powder!