Challenging times…

It has saddened me deeply to see not only the world be stricken by a deadly virus, but by the hatred and excessive violence against racial minorities. I have always accepted people the way they are, regardless of their race, creed, colour, sexual orientation or gender. As a musician, I see that music unites us all. It is the universal language. Let’s use this language and accept one another.

I will be playing and singing on Look for SopranoSister, every second Saturday night at 9pm (ET). I hope you can join me and heal with music as I have done through the years. Peace and love be with you all! 🙂 Take care & be safe!

Accepted into Music Composition!

I was accepted into Humber College’s one-year music composition program!  So, that is three programs now, including Advertising and Graphic Design and Arts Administration & Cultural Management.  The Arts Administration has been ruled out, so now it’s between two…will have to decide by June 17th, when the deposit is due. 🙂

Giving music to everyone!

I have been performing online about once a week.  I would like to give back to the community with music.  I’m singing folk and rock tunes from my living room!  I’ll be performing online on Street Jelly! Look for SopranoSister and click on my picture at the top of the page, when I’m about to start, and you’ll see the live stream window automatically. In order to participate, you have to login via facebook, but it’s free and easy! See you Friday, April 17th at 8:30 (EDT) for some rock and folk tunes! 🙂

One must be versatile in this day and age…

I am realizing how life has caught up with me, and I have been a bit of a dreamer. But I am not giving up on getting more creative work. I plan to learn more graphic design and, if I don’t do so at college, I will do this on my own and volunteer my skills. I wanted to return to school, but is it really worth the cost? A book, The Non-Designer’s Design Book,” by Robin Williams (not the actor :)), was recommended to me as the book that sums up design. I would also like to use my writing and photography skills. One must be versatile these days! 🙂