A poem about stepping into your power…

It’s funny that this idea is already a year old!  I want to make a song out of this…enjoy:

Little Girl
by Karen Elstone
October 3, 2013

Little girl in this ugly world
Why are you so afraid?
It’s not so bad
Just stay true to yourself
and stay away from the lies
It’s time to step into the light
it’s your turn to shine

You are better than you think
Don’t let them define who you are
The past has gone–it’s time to move on
You are on the brink
of something amazing…

Live by your own rules
Don’t follow those fools
Or let them get you down
They’re just clowns in that big old rat race
Pay them no mind…
as you chase
your dreams…

It’s not as scary as it seems
Step out of your comfort zone
You don’t have to do it alone
There are others like you
Who need to be true…
to themselves

It’s not selfish to go against the grain
and gain some self respect

Reflect your light onto others
who need your guidance
so they, too, can escape
their own darkness…

Not sure what I was thinking…

Well, I was let go from that temp position prematurely. I only lasted a month! I’m not sure how I thought I could fit everything in. My music making was suffering, and I had to give up the teaching. What made things worse is the control freak admin person I was working with. But, I’m free again and will not be going back to 9 to 5 ever. Boy did I learn that you cannot put an artist in a cubicle and expect her/him to survive. I was dying a slow death there, and it was quite obvious. I wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Now, it’s time to get serious about my music and back to working on that CD! :)

Appreciating what I have…

I was enjoying my freedom, making music and creating nature photography, but I wasn’t feeling secure enough to survive on my artistic endeavours. You could say I was a starving artist, but I did have a roof over my head and enough to live on. Then, out of the blue, I got an office temp job. I was worried about adjusting to 9 to 5 again, but after two weeks now I realize that it’s been a great help to have a steady pay cheque for now…times like these are challenging for everyone. The working world has changed, and there doesn’t seem to be much security any more. But, even though I am working 9 to 5, I am still an artist and show up every day to do my art…that’s what matters. The upside of it, is that there is a special connection at work who has inspired me to work on my new song called “Warm My Heart.” I don’t know what will become of this relationship, but it’s nice that I can gain inspiration from an area I thought to be rather dull. I am appreciating my new situation and living in the moment…heck, the pay cheque even helped me buy a new 12-string guitar! :)

World Pride Opening, Toronto – Melissa Rocks!

I attended the opening of World Pride in Toronto on Friday, June 20, 2014. It was an extensive opening, covering the history of the struggles the LGBT community has gone through. It mad me sad to think that homosexuality is punishable by death in some countries. It’s a shame that people are not all treated equally around the world, in spite of their sexual orientation. What topped off the evening in an amazing way, was Melissa Etheridge’s performance. I’m attaching photos for your enjoyment! Happy World Pride everyone, no matter who you are. I am proud to say I am a lesbian.

1 WorldPrideKickOff 2 WorldPrideMelissaGuitars 3 WorldPrideMelissa1 4 WorldPrideMelissa2 5 WorldPrideMelissa3 6 WorldPrideMelissa4 7 WorldPrideMelissa5 8 WorldPrideFireworks


FREE plugin for recording

Eventide is giving away a free recording plugin called UltraChannel, for compression, delay, etc.  It sounds great!  You just need an iLok account, which is also free, then download the license manager…