Inspirational musician and learning online…

I have been wanting to expand my instrumental skills lately, and learning the drums has been of interest. I am planning to learn more this year, so I can incorporate them into my own recordings. I would have to say this drummer has been very inspirational. Anika Nilles is great!

YouTube can be a great resource for learning and inspiration. There are many instructional videos there as well. This online school (Drumeo) is a good one, and Anika was a guest instructor for this video:

Even if you’re on a budget, you can still find good resources online! 🙂


It’s been a month since I had a great gig at the Toronto Bloor Yorkville Marriott Hotel. I performed in the lobby for Earth Hour on March 25th. But I’m aiming for more gigs like that. I felt in my element, and it was nice performing for a good cause.  Stay tuned for more posts regarding my upcoming shows and new songs:  or

I finished that course that may help me find a back-up part-time job, but the performer dream will not die! 🙂

It’s been some time…

I have been quite busy over the last while with moving and now taking a course that I hope will help me find a back-up job.  But, the dream of music is not dying.  I am working on new material as well as keeping the cover songs in shape for performing!  I sometimes perform on and I plan to get out to busk when the weather permits, and to sing at open mic nights…:)

Poem – “Flashes”

Flashes of light

Flashes of insight

fogging up my brain

I’m losing sight

of what’s right

will I ever be the same?

Something has to give

These flashes mark the passage of time

…the rhythm and rhyme

a turning point…

Flashes can give power

Flashes can give strength

to live a dream never realized

in younger days…